FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber

Model : FMH931

A scalp massager is a handheld device designed to stimulate the scalp and improve blood flow, helping to promote hair growth and relaxation. It typically has soft, rubberized bristles or nodes.

Why choose it?

  • Applicable to people/usage scenarios

    Scalp massagers can be used by anyone looking to improve blood flow to the scalp, promote hair growth, or simply relax. They are particularly useful for individuals who experience tension headaches, scalp dryness, or dandruff. Scalp massagers can also be used in conjunction with shampoo or other hair treatments for better absorption and distribution.

  • Product components

    Product, USB cable, User manual

  • About this item
    • 1.Deep scalp massage: The 4-pillar 28-claw head is designed to fit the curvature of the head, and can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise to provide you with a soothing massage, help stimulate hair growth, deeply clean hair, and relieve stress and pain.
    • 2.Multiple settings: The handheld head massager has 3 modes and 2-speed settings to choose from. You can choose the low speed for a relaxing feeling or the high speed for a more thorough massage.
    • 3.Waterproof and skin-friendly: the whole body of the body is waterproof, you can wash your hair, take a bath, take a bath and massage as you like. It adopts skin-friendly silicone touch, which is as flexible as human fingers, providing you with a relaxing massage.
    • 4.Simple and high-end: It is equipped with a magnetic base for non-porous charging, is safe and waterproof, and the UV texture is smooth and bright, not sticky, and does not fade. It is simple and high-end.
  • How to use

    How To Use It?

    • 1.Turn on the device.
    • it on your head and use your fingers to move it around in circular motions.
    • 3.Start at the front of your scalp and work your way back, moving the massager in a back-and-forth or circular motion.
    • 4.Apply gentle pressure to avoid discomfort or tangling of the hair.
    • 5.Use the scalp massager for 5-10 minutes, or longer if desired.
    • 6.If using shampoo or other hair products, apply the product to your scalp and use the scalp massager to distribute it evenly.
    • 7.Rinse your hair thoroughly and dry as usual.
    • 8.Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific scalp massager, and avoid using it on areas with broken skin or open wounds.



Choose from three different modes - kneading massage,vibration and kneading massage, and multi-frequencyvibration - to switch to different modes as needed,bringing you a comfortable and new massageexperience.

FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber


With 4 imitation massage heads, 28 massage claws, and 84 independent touch points, this device mimics four diferentmassage techniqgues performed by human hands, providing a more tailored massage experience.

FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber
FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber


With a small and compact body, it's a great companion for travel and business trips, easy to carry, and provides convenient massages anytime, anywhere.


With a waterproof rating of lPX7, it can be submergedin water and used in the bathroom for a massage that meets your needs anytime, anywhere.

FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber
FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber


With one-click activation and a smart 15-minute timer,the round button can switch between two adjustable speeds.


The magnetic, hole-free charging base is convenient and portable. After using the product, simply place it on the base to charge it. lt is safe and waterproof.

FITTOP L-Sonic II face scrubber

Important Parameter

Name M-Hand scalp massager Rated Voltage ***
Mode FMH931 Rated Current ***
Size 134mm*26mm*26mm 15 mins  
Weight 0.37 kg Working Mode intelligent control
Rated Power  5W Battery 3.7V High-capacity Polymer -ion Battery


  • Q1: What are the benefits of using a scalp massager?

    A: A scalp massager can help improve blood circulation, promote hair growth, relieve tension headaches, reduce scalp dryness and dandruff, and provide relaxation and stress relief.

  • Q2: How often should I use a scalp massager?

    A: You can use a scalp massager as often as you like, but it is recommended to use it for 5-10 minutes at a time, 2-3 times per week.

  • Q3: Can I use a scalp massager on wcet hair?

    A: Yes, you can use a scalp massager on wet hair, but be careful not to tangle your hair or use too much pressure.

  • Q4: Can a scalp massager cause hair loss?

    A: No, using a scalp massager should not cause hair loss. It can help promote hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.

  • Q5: Can I use a scalp massager with shampoo or other hair treatments?

    A: Yes, you can use a scalp massager with shampoo or other hair treatments to help distribute the product evenly and improve absorption.

  • Q6: How do I clean my scalp massager?

    A: Clean your scalp massager with mild soap and water or a disinfectant wipe, and let it air dry.

  • Q7: Can I use a scalp massager if I have sensitive skin or scalp?

    A: Yes, but it is recommended to use a gentle touch and avoid using too much pressure. If you experience discomfort or irritation, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

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